Four-Year Osteopath Diploma Program

Our diploma program in osteopathy combines a comprehensive blend of osteopathic philosophy, theory, methodology, technique and clinical application. The curriculum is presented under the guidance of the college’s faculty in a classroom setting.

Following an osteopathic directed overview of the relevant anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of the area under study, a significant portion of each class is then devoted to the hands-on application, practice and reinforcement of osteopathic palpation coupled with the application of theory and relevant corresponding osteopathic therapeutic techniques.

The program consists of three years of classroom study (3200 hours) followed by one year of supervised clinical practice internship (1100 hours). will be finished in four years in full time basis, or five years in part-time basis.

First Year - CoursesCreditHours
Human Anatomy6160
Models of Health and Diseases290
Philosophy & History of Osteopathy4120
Clinical Biomechanics4100
Health Psychology280
Clinical Nutrition260
Physical and Clinical Examination6120
Communication & Interviewing4100

Second Year - CoursesCreditHours
Neuro-Anatomy & Neurology4110
Clinical Pathology4100
Orthopedic Diagnosis6120
Osteopathic Techniques I6120
Laboratory Tests & Imaging Basic290
Soft Tissue Techniques2120
Clinical Documentation480
Clinical Applications II6150

Third Year - CoursesCreditHours
Radiology Basic490
Osteopathic Diagnosis4120
Osteopathic Techniques II6180
Clinical Application II6150
Therapeutic Exercise4120
Practice Management4100
Emergency & First Care260
Safety & Professional Ethics6100
Clinical Problem-Solving & Reasoning260

Fourth Year - CoursesCreditHours
Supervised Clinical Practice481100